Career opportunities in the exciting world of laser technology

It’s not even a question how much in the coming decades energy resources will become extremely difficult to find and access. Using the latest cry in laser technology we provide innovative and unique solutions to the oil industry. Our laser drilling technology will help operators produce oil in the most cost effective way while being environmentally smart.
Join us if you are intrigued by the challenges associated with our development efforts.  We need passionate and talented colleagues in different areas. Whether you are an undergraduate, a newly qualified professional or an experienced hand, we have fantastic career opportunities to offer.

Top Careers at ZerLux

From engineering and mechanics to project managers -- meeting the world’s demand for energy takes all types of people, with a wide variety of skills and expertise. ZerLux offers you the opportunity to take your career as far as you want it to go.
If you join the ZerLux team, workplace boredom will be gone for good. You may have to travel or even work abroad.
ZerLux is the cutting edge of a technology for a huge market. Contribute to our success and your job is future proof.

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