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CTU Lens Cleaning Hybrid Camera 


CTU Lens Cleaning Camera also belongs to Hybrid Camera Family although the special tool has been designed for CTU applications. CT Camera can provide real-time video (E-Coil) and record the operation in Full HD. The tool is able to clean camera lenses continuously while replacing the wellbore fluid in front of the BHA. 

Lens Cleaning technology is the most valuable innovation that can significantly increase the success rate of downhole camera operations.

CTU Lens Cleaning


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Case videos

Contaminated front camera lens

Case video shows the situation when Online Fiber Camera went through an oily section in the well during operation. Oil immediately stuck onto the surface of the lens and visibility became completely zero. With controlled Lens Cleaning Technology was activated and all contamination was flush-jetted away and visibility became again clear. A special solvent cleaning material was flush-jetted directly to the lenses through small nozzles multiple times.

As a result of good transparency, camera operation could be continued! The typical failure was successful prevented!