OptEye Downhole Fiber Optic Camera works through armored fiber optic cable is dedicated to provide FULL HD resolution online video from up to 6000 m (20 000 ft) depth.

What makes the new Zerlux camera unique is the new way of data transmission method. Traditional cameras in the hydrocarbon and geothermal industries use normal electromechanical cables to transmit the video sign. These cables have very limited data transmission capacities especially in case of HD quality data, thus the result is only low quality Black & White video.

The appearances of fiber cables and technology development in the field of digital data compression now enable the transmission of colorful, live FULL HD videos. OptEye can operate up to 690 bar (10 000 psi) and 180 °C (350 °F) using built-in lithium batteries along with 60 frame/sec camera rate.

Main Applications

  • Inspection of wellbore hardware including safety valve
  • Inspection and monitoring of corrosion and erosion
  • Imaging dropped objects and wellbore fish
  • Monitoring fluid movements and entry
  • Scale, salt & hydrate identification
  • Gas storage inspection
  • Open hole imaging

Datasheet Camera

Tool OD 54 mm 2.125"
Tool Length 3200 mm 10.49 feet
Tool Weight 40 kg 88 lbs
Operation mode ONLINE
Resolution (1920x1080) 2 megapixel
Camera View Downview
Camera Frame Rate 60 frame/sec
Angle of View 120°
Temperature Rating 180 °C 350 °F
Pressure Rating 690 bar 10 000 psi
Cooling Method Passive
Cable Type Armored Optical Cable
Cable Length 6000 meter 20 000 feet
Operation Time 6 hours

Datasheet Armored Fiber Optic Cable

Cable OD 5,55 mm 7/32"
Breaking Strength 25 kN
Temperature Rating 200 °C 400 °F
Pressure Rating 690 bar 10 000 psi
Bending Diameter 406 mm 16"
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