Oil&Gas Industry

The global oil and gas service market is forecast to be in excess of USD 3,500 billion in 2015 (ref. Highly conservative estimates confirm that USD 4.5billion pa. will be spent by the oil majors and service companies on pipeline and associated equipment blockages as well as well abandonment.

These costs include the expenditure on prevention or remediation, but the value of lost production time is mostly unaccounted for. The desirability of finding cheaper and more effective prevention and remediation measures has been recognized by the industry for many years. The ZerLux laser-based tools provide an opportunity for the industry to adopt radically different techniques to address these problems and profit from significant cost savings.

Funding to Date

The owners of the Technology have invested so far their own funds in order to design, build and patent the applications.

Grant – With technology partners and universities, additional grants have been awarded for the lab-phase validation of the scale removal technology and the procurement of high power laser equipment and associated assets.

Future Funding

ZerLux is currently looking for financial investors into Hard Scale Removal and Hydrate Remediation in return for a minority stake in the business. For more information kindly contact our office at +36 20-339-8200 or