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All oil and gas wells need to be plugged and abandoned at the end of their life and safe plugging is often prevented by hard scale build-up, especially off shore. Hard scale depositions and plugs in pipelines and production tubing is one of the oil industry’s major challenges, causing premature production decline in oil fields worldwide and preventing effective well abandonment.

The technology will remove scales such as barium sulphate and is offered as an effective alternative to conventional methods. It is expected to take less time, work at a lower cost and do the job where alternatives tend to break down.

Under the ITF JIP, ZerLux will validate the viability of the laser scale removal and wall conditioning tool for enhanced cement job preparation for well abandonment.

ZerLux will clean the pipe wall, then create by the laser light a grooved pipe surface and hardened pipe walls for better cement plug bond and improved long term plug stability. The increased surface area will create longer leakage paths and noncontinuous micro-annuli between pipe and plug.

The video will show you how the laser cleans pipe surfaces, removes scale, hardens the surface and creates grooves for a stronger cement bond.


The output of the scope will be:

  • Results of analytical modeling and FEM simulations
  • Results of laser grooving tests
  • Results of mechanical load tests
  • Results of metallurgy analyses
  • Results of cement plugging tests
  • Risk analysis report
  • Summary report and conclusions


Quest Offshore Resources, a leading provider of market intelligence, data, news, conferences and maps for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry is a collaborative partner of ZerLux. They are recognized for their coverage of the deepwater drilling, subsea technology, floating production, and marine construction markets.


Ant is an innovative technology design and implementation powerhouse. Though the core activities of Ant continue to be in information technology, Ant has now diversified its technology portfolio to embrace geothermal and laser technologies.


AGR Group is a global services and technology company that has the solutions and expertise demanded by the oil and gas industries. AGR provides integrated services and innovative technological solutions to complement a client’s capabilities to whatever degree is required.