Hard Scale Removal

Hard Scale Removal
Hard Scale Removal

Hard Scale Removal Laser (SRL) Technology

Hard scale deposition in pipelines and production tubing is one of the oil industry’s major challenges, causing premature production decline in oil fields worldwide. ZerLux’s Scale Removal Laser (SRL) for scales such as barium sulphate is offered as a working alternative to traditional methods such as milling. ZerLux’s SRL offers a 30,000-hour lifespan, with no mechanical milling components downhole. This provides a continued assurance in the reliability and productivity of the mechanism.

Why Lasers?

Conventional v. Lasers:

  • Lasers are non-mechanical and allow through-tubing scale removal using a small-diameter coil tubing string
  • They are more easily mobilized to remote and offshore environments, compared to heavy-duty current technologies, whilst achieving equivalent penetration rates
  • Downhole video and spectroscopy allows full real-time control of the removal process, to protect the tubing and to optimize penetration rates
  • The controllability of lasers allows their use in areas that current technologies cannot access, e.g. variable diameter wells.

Other advantages include:

  • Acid-free
  • Continued hydrocarbon production during procedures
  • Functions at extreme temperatures
  • No drilling or power fluid/mud
  • No explosives, toxic chemicals or other environmentally or logistically challenging components are required.


The system comprises a surface mounted laser, coiled tubing, and an integrated bottom-hole assembly. The coiled tubing string includes an electrical and fiber optic cable. The laser changes the physical and chemical properties of the scale. It breaks up the scale into small sand-sized particles, which are removed by a combination of nitrogen pumped through the coil and the production flow.

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Hard Scale Removal